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So I was house sitting for my mom & away from college for a few weeks my mom told me that her friend who I have met a few times would come by to pick up some clothes so later that day she knocked on the door came inside got the clothes then was talking to me in the kitchen asking me how's college ect & asking me how's my s** life & if any college girls are sucking on my c*** I thought it was a little strange & forward but she's 39 & I'm 22 & she is really hot so then she she asked if I have a big d*** & if she could see it so before I knew we were in my moms kitchen she was sucking on my c*** & then we f***** all over the house everywhere the shower, the hot tub out back the kitchen table best s** ever I feel a little guilty though should i???

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  • I would think if you were in college..You'd have a hint of idea of how to write a damn paragraph, and not an eternal, run-on sentence...Damn..

  • Guess who's going to be hanging out at the Cougar Bar's now! lol

  • Dont feel bad, just get as much of that ass as you can

  • ^ Absolutely! Do exactly what this commenter says! ^

  • Not at all. In fact, since the s** was great, you need to contact her and ask when you can tap that again!

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