Laundry Room

So it was late at night me & my g/f were in the laundry room in my apartment building i was sitting on a dryer before I know it my g/f started grabbing my c*** I told her babe we can't do that here what if someone walks in she was like it's really late babe don't worry so she pulls my c*** out of my sweats & began licking & sucking it so after a few minutes sure enough a good looking 50 year old woman walks in & was like oh wow sorry guys don't mind me my g/f immediately got embarrassed & put my c*** away the older woman was like you guys don't have to stop just act like I'm not here my g/f was like no it's okay we're sorry so the older woman said it's totally fine u have to finish him off so my g/f said are u sure & she said yes so really crazy & a little embarrassing my girl pulls my c*** out & sucks it in the laundry room right in front of this woman & eventually swallowed my c** right in front of this stranger!!!

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  • You know that woman was rubbing one out later thinking about you

  • Next time you should f***. I'll bet you anything you can get away with it. I find most people are apologetic for interrupting and leave you alone.

  • Bet the lady enjoyed the show

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