Loud girlfriend

Soo embarrassing so my girlfriend is a little latina girl who's really thick with a juicy ass & when she comes over to my apartment & we f*** I have the windows & balcony door closed because I f*** her so hard with my big c*** & I know everyone in my building can hear her so the other day I dropped off the rent to my landlord & she said a couple tenants complained about really loud s** noises so asked if I could keep it down please I told her I would definitely try she said please try not to f*** your girlfriend so hard I laughed & told her okay & she winked at me I don't know what that meant but when I see some of my neighbors they look at me funny!!!

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  • Your landlady wants to try you on

  • ^ ditto ^

  • You the man.Do nothing less than you doing,if anything, let your gf know about this so she can get even louder.

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