FB stalk my ex...

I facebook stalk my ex regularly in the hope he's ditched his girlfriend.

I feel terrible, but I want him to f*** me so bad and I know he's still attracted to me as he's sent a few dirty texts at night to me...

I feel like a bad person, but the wrongness and excitement only turns me on more...

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  • There's really nothing hotter than s** with the ex.....especially if your both married to other people.....

  • My ex married another woman -- a girl, actually -- but we still get together for s** because she's not as skilled as I am. He loves doing me and I love having him do me, all behind that little b****'s back.

  • I did the same thing exactly to my ex. He broke up with me to start dating this girl I know who hates me and I hate her. So, I started working on him and finally got him to start coming over in secret after he would leave her place and pretty soon we started s******* whenever he would come to my place. I don't know if we'll get back together but I do know I love having him f*** me more often than he f**** her. THAT is a really good feeling to me.

  • I doubt he sent you anything, BS confession.

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