i sometimes take 20 - 60 bucks from my

i sometimes take 20 - 60 bucks from my husband's wallet without telling him. That's THEFT but i can't completely stop. our accounts (and our money) is separate, and he has way more than i do. he is not greedy or controlling, and i'm pretty sure he doesn't notice. sometimes i ask if i can take some, and he always says yes, but i hate feeling too dependent so i steal.
i feel awful now.
but he will ALWAYS have more money than I, and he does not seem to want to merge accounts, although he knows and I know that I am pretty frugal and don't waste money.

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  • My wife does the same. It is not theft. It is OUR money, not mine. We have multiple accounts, mine and hers etc. But the bottom line is it is OUR money. Same with your husband and you. If you are married it is YOUR money. Enjoy

  • You need to tell him to join your bank account. What is his is yours and visa versa. Only thing is, he will then have the resource needed to monitor YOUR spending.

  • You are such an idiot if the man gives you the money when you ask for it then just keep asking for it. It's obvious that he wants to make you happy and what happens when I he tired of it. Because if you are taking 20 - 60 dollars he already knows you do it.

  • Most people I know who keep seperate accounts are usually happier, its just natural. so long as the bills are paid, and no one is going without what is needed, there shouldn't be a problem. Frugal or not, there isn't a need to take his money, it just seems basically wrong.

  • lol you stupid b****

  • Technically it's not theft since you're married. But it sounds like you have some money issues that you should start communicating with each other about.

    If I were married to someone who did not want me to access "their" account and know what they were spending it on, I'd be a little suspicious of just what else they might be keeping from me.

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