Should I end it??

So where do I start... My boyfriend and father of my child is so jealous of everything and every guy that's talk to me or see me by. He is so full of s*** he blames me for everything. He thinks I'm cheating or that I want to. Which I'm not and I don't want to. He so insecure and says its my fault that I make him that way. But see here the thing he is always saying that I'm doing s*** when he is the one lying bout his phone being on and talking to b******. Since we been together now he has all of these accounts on dating websites. He's always on the phone but I'm the one cheating. He ask me if I'm looking for someone one new.but when every time we fight hes online looking for new Gurls. I'm getting so tired of him. He wants to know everything I do if I breath he ask y. But he tells me nothing he always n my phone follows me everywhere. I don't kno wat to do my family say that I should make it work for my daughter but I don't knn. I'm not gonna sit around while he is surfing the web looking for a new girlfriend. I'm going to ask him bout it now. I'll right back to tell u how it went or ended u never kno!!!!!!!

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  • I think its easy to be on the road then believe in god when none of your needs are being met. peoples whose needs are met more and they have love and friends and jobs and nice homes and a purpose and some income feel and believe in a god, its easier to when your getting all you need. but when your not you think there is no god because why would god abuse you and allow rapists and pedos to abuse me, right. and then blame me for what those persons decided to do to me. makes no sense. so if god loves he should give me what I want and need.

  • I think that u left out the part of u talking to other guys and not telling me or lying about drugs and hiding little things like... Wat started the fight.. Which was u had a norco pill in your purse.. Which u lied and said was a motrin and also lied about where u got it from.. My whole motive for my questioning and being tough on u is because u lie a lot and have made it difficult to trust u. Also I want better for my baby than a pill head. I know how drug addict can be. I just want u to stop lying stop drinking smoking and be a mature woman. I want to be able to go to work and not have to worry about wat ur doing. U broke that trust bridge and lieing is not going to fix this relationship.

  • He is a control freak

  • I would like to thank u guys for commenting on my post. Its not that easy just to walk away I do love him n we have a daughter together. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to handle this.

  • Time to hit the road.

  • put that m*********** in your rear view. do it today. you are wasting your life on this asshat.

  • Sounds like your boyfriend has something (or someone) to hide. When someone is that insecure or suspicious it's because they're actually the guilty party. You cannot have a relationship without trust. How are you going to make it work? He is the one working against that..Staying with him sounds more difficult. Break it off. The first relationship that you're exposed to as a child is that of your parents. Your child deserves to have to have parents show him/her the right way to be in a marriage or relationship. And you deserve to find a man who is a Man, who's not a player and who's ready for the real responsibilities of a commitment. Kick him to the curb.

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