My heart is broken!

I love a man who claimed he loves me I know now that's a lie! We have been together for at least a year we were friends first we hooked up after his wife passed away and I found out I was pregnant and the father deny even being with me so single alone and pregnant not knowing what to do he was married and and were talking about everything and we became close friends his wife passed away just before my baby was born and I had no clue how to take care of my baby this was my first child and I just move on my own! We just consoling each other and never really talked about going out he would sneak out to see me because his kids wouldn't understand since their mother his wife just passed away! He kept telling me he will tell his kids about us when he feels they can handle it he has my son call him daddy and he had us all move together and now he wants to leave and he never told his kids about us he now pushes my son away from him he is distended and we don't even talk or have that special moments we had he also talking to someone else on the phone like we did and gone a lot more than usual we don't see much of each other and he is too tired for s**! I love him we had great s** and now we have none! He wouldn't tell his kids we are together he still won't he stopped talking to me keeping a distended from my son and we haven't had s** in almost a month or more! Think he doesn't want me anymore and has someone else and I was being used and he acted Like he cared and wanted to be there for me and my son now not so much.


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  • Sounds like me but his kids are grown ass kids I feel for you who wold think there are two idiots maybe they are cousins or brothers! Oh be strong Hun! He is not worth the heart ache trust me no man is and you are strong enough to take care of all his kids! Keep your head up!

  • Are you sure his wife even passed? He sounds like a liar. It will be hard, but you will get over this heartbreak. Move on from him.. you can do so much better. Do not let this loser back into your life for any reason. When he tires of the other girls, he will come running back. You and your child deserve better. And if you really need a reason.. your son needs a better example of what a man is in his life. He doesn't need a part time, half ass man. That guy did not deserve to be called "Dad" by your son. Be careful who you bring around your child moving forward. He's going to learn about relationships by what you demonstrate.

  • Yes I went to her funeral oh up date he called me to say he was very sick and he didn't want my son to get sick his oldest son who lives with me that he is not with a girlfriend that his dad is by his grandfather's house and will be back when his dad's dad gets better that after dad got sick his dad got sick his phone is not working properly! How can I believe this he has his children living with me and leaves to see his dad and telling his son to reassure me I thought we have to wait to tell anyone till his kids can handle it the two younger ones have no clue but he tells the oldest so where is he really don't care lesson learned staying single not ever letting any get that close to me or my baby! I NOW PROVIDE FOR ME MY SON AND HIS KIDS DAMM!They lose a mom get a new house and Dad just leaves now no mom or dad and I only could have one child now seems like a house full can anyone say instant single mom and Not heart broken anymore happy full of joy of taking care of one of mine and HIS three! I am so glad he trusts me to just leave a to take his kids in since he couldn't take them with since It's too expensive for four plane tickets and he should be back after The New year!

  • Sound like you got involved with a n*****?

    Last thing you should worry about is s**.

  • He is a$$hole but what dose it have to do with a racial slur commit he is white and Why should s** be the last thing on my mind? By the way my son is my always first thing on my mind I take care of all his needs and when he is a sleep why can't I have s**? I can't have anymore children so why not and not quite young anymore I never was on my own cuz I was taking care of my mother till she passed away! I may been fooled by his kind words and feel that I shouldn't have let him get that close to me and my son but you live and learn!

  • What the f**k is that content suppose to mean?

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