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I am a teenage Christian girl, but I have begun to explore masturbating. I have tried to stop, but I always start again. Even though the Bible doesn't exactly say that masturbating is a sin, if something seems wrong to us and we do it, it is a sin against our bodies. I just want to know how I can stop my addiction. I stopped for almost a month, then I went back to it again. I need help to stop masturbating for good. Anyone have any advice?



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  • The very concept of sin comes from the Bible. Christianity offers to solve a problem of its own making! Would you be thankful to a person who cut you with a knife in order to sell you a bandage?

  • Have you tried to stop breathing ? By your dumb reckoning - that is also an addiction.

  • You are a mammal. Masturbation is natural. You do not need help to stop masturbating, you need help with your ignorance in choosing to believe in an imaginary God.

  • Do you believe it's wrong, because you're secretly doing it? Do you believe it's wrong, because you've been condition to think it is? Maybe you deem it as wrong, because of the social/personal environment you inhabit.

  • It's natural for anyone, to explore their own sexuality, through masturbating.
    What is sinful and ungodly about it?
    It safer than hooking up with guys and possibly getting STD's/getting pregnant :)

  • I overcame it. It all boils down to "self-control"

    How TO overcame p***/ masturbation: FIRST OF ALL TELL JESUS TO SAVE YOU AND THEN;
    1. Veggie diet for a while to concentrate on the following 2. Work outs 3. reading of inspirational books; gospels; GET DOWN TO READING THE NEW TESTAMENT, BOOKS LIKE; tough times never last, purpose driven life etc. 4. setting YOUR gadgets on filter 5. setting life goals and being excited about them. 6. trusting absolutely in God and DIVERTING YOUR ENERGY TO doing charity works.

  • It feels wrong to me too. I'm a girl. Seems bad somehow. I guess if it doesn't make you feel bad there's nothing wrong. It makes me want to have s** too. And I'm not married.

  • In one of your comments, you mention you don't think God wants you to m*********, but you also believe it's not a sin. If it's only about masturbating, then it can't be both at the same time. If God doesn't think it's a sin, it's because he created you as a full, complex human being, including with normal sexual urges. Exercising your own sexual pleasure by yourself - provided that it doesn't adversely impact anyone else nor any other area of your life - is normal healthy behavior.

  • Maybe the Bible doesn't exactly say that masturbating is a sin because it isn't exactly a sin. It is something we do, and if it seems wrong to us, it may mean we've forgotten that.

    Perhaps it sins against the body to ignore or refuse God's gifts that he gave to comfort and help us. Perhaps you can honor God with your body by giving him thanks as you m********* yourself. Instead of seeing it as an addiction to be broken, see it as a celebration of devotion. Strive to become as good at it as you can!

    There is a time to give up good things. Lent is one of those. I challenge you next year to go the 40 days of Lent without touching yourself once. Then wake up Easter morning with a grand hurrah!

  • You won't get over the desire of masturbation that's normal I've been doing it since I was 11 from 8 to 14 I would spend the night at my friends house who had a sister a year younger he would bring her friend over I know I would strip for themI play with myself all day I'm naked 14 hours a day stripping and playing with myself with my d*** & a*** what you're going through is normal you'll be doing it for about 50 years

  • I know masturbation isn't necessarily a sin, but I feel God doesn't want me doing this. I do thank you for your responses, though.

  • Masturbation isnt a sin. For me though I was too shy to ask girls on dates. When I madturbated there was not the same motivation to get over that shyness. A football coach once said to our team that we would play a lot better if we stopped wasting our energy 'wanking'. I used that as a motivational lever to try really hard and managed to stop. I was still shy, went to church with mom & dad but I did build up the courage and talked to girls.

    Fast forward into marriage and kids and my wife and I have drifted apart and I had fallen into Mastubation. Woke up one day and resolved no masturbation and only have s** when she wanted it. Tell you a real struggle but I was totally focussed on her. I cleaned the house, bought her little oresents, took her to dinner, bit my tongue when it seemed to be going nowhere. But finally after almost a year she cuddled up to me and it progressed to s**.

    So in my view mastubation in guys atleast leads to selfish laxy behaviour. Not sure in girls. They have a different s** drive. Part of me says to encourage girls to masurbate in a practice to be more sexual way. Over to you.

  • Masturbation isn't a sin against your body. Your body is crying out for a release and when you m********* your relieving a natural body need. Much like eating when your hungry; bathing when your dirty; brushing your teeth after eating and before bed. Sexual urges and desires are GOD ORDAINED and must be satisfied.
    A man should m********* at least every three days. Why? His prostrate is like a tea cup which is constantly/slowly being filed with s****. When the cup is full and not emptied it runs over and flows back into his system as foreign matter. Over time, even with a steady trickle of water, the bottom of a tea cup becomes stagnant and can set up bacteria. A man who doesn't m********* regularly is hurting his own body. That is a scientific fact that religious fanatic science deniers do not understand or accept.

  • Masturbation is fun and disease and pregnancy free. Do it all you want.

  • Masturbation is a natural fact of life. There is nothing sinful or sacreligious about it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You have no reason to stop enjoying the body God gave you.

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