How I lost my virginity

I'm only 16 that time. It was September 18, 2014. The day after our outreach program. I was using this chatting app called wechat. Where you can meet people nearby who wants to chill, talk, etc. Then one morning I was notified with a friend request from someone who is just 100m away from me. And then of course, out of my lustfulness, I accepted it and chatted with the guy. He's just your average type of guy. Not that handsome, body fit, and good posture. Yeah, we had s**, and the rest is history. It was very painful, because I'm gay and I didn't know that A*** would hurt that much. So yeah. It's good and I want to try it again and again, but this time, I hope it's with someone handsome, gym fit body, and more of a businessman type of guy. So every moment is erotic! Haha!
Philppines, Manila

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  • Utot mo bilog..

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