Weight L.,Fakes & Liars

First of all im a feeder/encourager and FA is anyone else in the Feederism community sick of all this Weight loss tv bullshi*? i saw a couple of tv promos tonight of for my big fat fabulous life along with my 600 pound life, and im sick to death of plus size people saying they love their bodies and wouldn't change them but in secret they're planning WL surgery me personally i hate this crap im completely 100% against weight loss and dont give me that 'health' speech cuz im tired of hearin it im sure there are people like me out there that feel the same way, to me if im with a plus size woman and she wants that bs surgery ill admit ill no longer find her attractive and move on to the next woman yea its a douch thing to do but hey its the way i am FAT IS SEXY, thin girls SUCK theyre nothin but skin and bones with no personality. -Anon

Dec 20, 2014

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  • I'm the proud feeder of a woman who's so huge she can't roll out of bed on her own anymore.

    And my perspective is...there ARE some people who really need to lose weight. It's not a numbers thing. You can just tell some people are fat because they're miserable, and miserable because they're fat, and their health is in grave danger.

    And then there are people like the large larded love of my life, who enjoys being immensely fat, doesn't care about the limitations, and is actually perfectly healthy despite being at a size that shocked the last doctor she saw for a checkup. In fact, the health problems she has are ones that got SOLVED by extreme weight gain.

    But only the miserable and unhealthy people are likely to get on TV, and if fat and happy people are brought on it's to get lectured and harangued.

  • Exactly, some fat people are miserable because they are fat and regardless of the reason why, they are better off emotionally as well as physically if they seek help in losing weight. I don't begrudge anyone serking help out of a predicament that is making them unhappy...Others are the opposite as they either do not care or they truely enjoy being fat. Like you, my wife is super huge, over 700lbs and she really doesn't care that she is so big. Probably because she is still fairly mobile within our home and has only some minor health problems. It probably doesn't hurt that I freaking worship her and see to her every physical and emotional need. Our children are so very supportive because they have been raised in a loving household where it is acknowledged that mom has some physical limitations but still manages to provide the love and emotional support every child needs. Overall our life is not that far outside the norm so there really is no need for her to get down on herself. Some might say that we have been lucky but while luck may have played a small role, I think it's more the support and love we all have for each other that keeps us all happy and content. That's just my opinion but it's also an opinion born of experience.

  • I'm glad you and your huge fat wife are happy but don't kid yourself. At over 700lbs your wife has some severe health problems even if you don't want to admit it. At the very least, some very concerning health issues are looming just on the horizon for her. I really like the fact that you two are happy and supportive of each other but to remain that way, please for the love of God and your children, see a nutritionist and put your wife on a healthy diet. And don't tell me she already is on one because no one gets to be 700lbs plus by eating healthily. If you do this, your wife will live longer, be happier and you two will enjoy your love for each other for years to come. I wish you and your wife all the best.

  • Preach!

  • I understand you and your wife like to stay fit but thats the thing im talking about you restrict yourselves from food people like me we like to enjoy food and life without restrictions its like a prison-within we're not gonna cut ourselves off just because society want us to be a certain size, we dont like to be told what we can and cannot eat we just wanna be happy and be accepted -Anon #BoycottTLC

  • I guess it takes all sorts. Im the other extreme. I like skinny and fit. My wife, myself and our 2 kids are all fit and skinny. We restrict our food. Weigh ourselves each day. Play sport. Do a lot of exercise.

  • And that's something to be proud of because...??
    Extremism is extremism. Neither end is healthy.

  • I posted this while i was angry at all this bs, the point i was trying to get across was big women are beautiful and the media fills our heads with such bullshi* they tell us that being fat is a bad thing and they guilt us into hating our own bodies and TLC prays on that guilt and pays people to get the surgery if i could boycott TLC and stop the media fat bashing the world would be a GREAT place a world where there wont be size separation, and about what i said about dumping a woman over WL it was shallow and i apologize but the truth is in a nice way im against WL and if a plus size woman were to lose weight the physical attraction would no longer be there. -anon

  • I am so glad you posted this. I agree fully. I am completely uninterested in skinny girls. Fat chicks rock. My go's have all been big girls, and when I finally got married, I married one that was 220 pounds when we got married, and I have lovingly fed her up to 373 at the present time. She loves the fact that she can pig out and at the same time be considered very sexy by her husband. She really doesn't care how fat she gets, and I have no goal weight for her, so the sky's the limit.

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