I aborted my husband's baby

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby. He convinced me we should start having kids after two years together... I thought I was ready, but when I found out I was pregnant I freaked out. I just didn't feel ready. I got an abortion and my husband has no idea. I started secretly taking birth control because he is so excited about having kids I just don't have the heart to tell him I'm not ready.

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  • No one has the right to force you to have a child. That said... you should tell him you're not ready.

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  • What happens in the dark always comes to light. He's going to find out one day. Just go ahead and have the baby, especially if he's a good man, your marriage is in a good place, and you guys are financially ready.

  • It's your body, you have a right to do what you think is best.

    But really? You want to spend the rest of your life, sharing everything it brings, good and bad, with someone and you can't tell them how you feel? Sounds like the baby isn't the problem. Sounds like trust is a much bigger problem. You don't trust him to understand your feelings.

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