Faking People

So a few years ago I discovered photoshop. I played around with it and got decent with it and then I saw my first celebrity fake. If you don't know what a "fake" is,
it's a photo thats been fixed to make that celebrity naked and doing whatever you please. So I started experimenting with it as well. Well....then I got hold of
pictures of girls I knew and started faking them as well. I felt guilty at first and would make a few then delete them and then make more and then delete them again.
Now in present time I still do it and I'll be honest I feel no guilt. I don't share them with anyone they are in a password encrypted folder, all the girls are 18 and
over and I don't just spend my time doing this. I go to school , hang out with friends and go on lots of dates with girls. I live a very happy life and I'm not lonely.
This is just a side hobby that is really fun. It is really hot and sexy to see a girl you know or dated for a while acting out one of your fantasies. I never told
anyone this and still wont so posting it to an anonymous site will have to do. Does anyone else do this? Because I've seen the p*** community and they do much much
worse things than this.

Dec 29, 2014

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  • I do the same thing.

  • Yes I've done this. Its a turn on but strangely its a challenge to get the perfect match on skin tones and angle of the head etc. When you do get that perfect fake its great to imagine that the girl you know is doing something so filthy. I have my wife being gang-banged and p***** on with c** all over her, its a great photo that I wish was real.

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