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I am a single mother with an 18 year-old son who is having his first serious relationship with another girl. She is the same age.

I've tried to talk to him about s**, but he freaks out when I bring up the topic. He always changes the subject. The issue that I'm having is that I know he is having a sexual relationship with his girlfriend, because I have found used condoms in the garbage in his room. I work really long hours, so they evidently have been getting it on at the house while I'm working. I'd prefer that he waited until he was married before having s**, but at least he is using protection.

I'm pretty conservative, but try to be realistic too. I'm about ready to tell him to stop having s** in the house, because I feel it is inappropriate, but then again I don't want them doing it somewhere more public, either. Any advice would be welcome.

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  • He'll hold it against you til he has a house and realizes, but it's your house and your rules. On the other hand, he is an adult so I'd try a different tact. I'd commend him for being responsible with protection but tell him it's not allowed in your home. Try talking about how it made you feel when you got pregnant, and what your hopes and fears are for him. Don't lecture, let him know there is emergency contraceptives too.

  • Tel son to get gf 2 suck and put it up her arsh and it b ok

  • U cant tell him what to do when u couldnt keep ur own knickers on

  • Where did u ride when young why didnt u use protection dont lecture anyone

  • At least hes being more responsible than his mother

  • When i was his age i was mad for c***

  • Ur a single mum conservative u must hav had an immaculate conception

  • Ur single mother would lik son wait til married joke ye i gues its true what they say none so pure as the reformed w****

  • I know i was a s*** but i dont want son to b stuck with brat like i was

  • You're wrong to try and interfere with that. Especially as he is of legal age. Take solace and pride in the fact that he feels safe enough to do it at home and that you raised him smart enough to use protection and is steady with one girl instead of being a man w****.

  • He wants p**** i dont c why it matters if he f**** at home r away

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