Wedding anger

I am p***** that my sister inlaw to be is having her wedding 4 months before mine and her brothers when they knew ours had already been planned/ booked months before they even were engaged. Now i'm getting super jealous and competetive, secretly i want there to be a minor disaster on her wedding day.

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  • The Way teaches us that your best option is to fight by not-fighting. Tell us how the divorce went in another 3 years!

  • You have to let this go. Because you're going to find that a lot of things are going to happen in your life that you will have no control over. And to tell you the truth, 4 months is actually enough of a separation that it won't interfere with your wedding. It's not like a 2 week difference, and even if it was you would deal. All of your events and hers will be separate. No one is going to be comparing. What happens if you both get pregnant around the same time? Are you going to blame her too? Or what if one of your friends gets engaged? You have to stop making everything that everyone else does about you. No one is stealing your thunder. Your wedding day is going to be your special day. You know if you wish for something bad to happen, karma is a b**** so you may want to take it back or something will surely happen on your day. So put on your big girl pants and change your attitude. Wish her well and tuck this anger away. You're going to be part of the same family. This should be a happy time for all of you.

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