I'm a female and I'm so confused of my sexuality. I find men attractive but I realized that my "crushes" on men are once a week but my crushes on girls last for months and are once in a few months. I'd never date a guy or be sexually intimate with one.


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  • I'm confused too. I'm a married 30 year old guy i love my wife and have incredible s**.

    But for the last two years I stop at my clip. friend's apartment on the way to work each morning. He is only 5 feet tall and very feminine in his face and body. He has long blonde hair now and no facial hair. His c*** is thin and barely 2 inches when hard, it like a big c***.

    He meets me at the door naked except for the butt plug in his perfect ass. He drags me in as we deep kiss and within minutes he's bent over the couch and we have the best s** of my life every time. I get so hard and last so long. 30 minutes of pounding his ass. He usually comes 2 times. Then I come in him. I don't suck him he will not let me. We just kiss and spoon after s**. I love touching his soft skin and s** legs. It like being with a woman.

    Am in gay? I have come to prefer s** with him. And when it comes to oral. He is the best I ever had. He does things with his tongue my wife can never do.

    4 months ago I began stopping on the way home. We have two hours of glorious love making in his bed. What is wrong with me.

    I don't want to be gay, but he made me fall in love with him. He so kind and beautiful.

  • Simplify it for you and the people around you, if you like girls for months then you are lesbian. you find girls attractive and you share something with them. go that route live your life. if later you find a man for once a week fling then you are bi sexual. it is good to give the correct signal to the people around you. nothing wrong or not. just your preference.

  • But that doesn't make me special, make me SPECIAL dammit!!!!

  • ???

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