Wife' step sister

My wife has never been fond of her step sister, matter of fact she hates the woman. We seldom see each other but when we do, I can't help looking at her. She's not hot but I find I'm seriouisly attracted to her even though she's married too. I've turned down 2 sexual offerings from other women since I've been with my wife, one was a married family friend. This woman is the only woman I'd take that chance with and I don't understand why. I want her more than anyone. It doesen't bother me this woman gained a lot of weight over the years, I would do anything for a sexual exprience with her including offering her lot's of cash to have her, but she has money, she's quite well off. So I don't think anything will ever happen, but I'm hoping someday she will notice me and my attraction to her and spend a day in a motel with me so I can live out my fantasy that drives me crazy to the point I fantize it's her when I have s** with my wife. Last time I saw her I was just about to ask her, but looking around with so many family members around I chickened out in fear. If I could only have seen her alone, I'm sure I would of let my feelings to her be known.It's not going to stop, I'm never going to stop wanting her s** even if it's just a 1 night stand, I'll just continue to praying I get to enjoy her someday.

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