Any advice at all helps!

I am a 20 yo male and I met this woman at my job she's 30 yo and we were friends at first but some how we started to like each other. I currently live with my girl friend and we are separating in 28 days but she doesn't know about the other woman. I don't want to be with my gf anymore but I don't wanna break her heart. I know for a fact that I already love the woman from my job. It's just that she has 5 kids and I have none idk if it's a deal breaker we had s** and now I'm basically juggling two women I even had both of them be my valentines I'm really falling for the woman at my job and she's falling for me do I tell my gf or can I wait till we move back to our parents house to break her heart

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  • This confession has a few discrepancies in my opinion, to be genuine.

    I surmise you're a child/teenager, who is seeking attention. I understand the attention seeker part.

    Good luck with life:)

  • F*** it go for the 30yr old woman because if you don't your going to regret not taking a chance


  • You guys are great I LOVE YOU ALL

  • 10 yrs older than you, 5 children! Leave your gf if you must but run like h*** from the side chick.

  • Lol I agree. I wouldn't shack up with a man with five children!

  • Leave both...5 kids? Why raise some guys kids for him? Leave both it will be doing all of you a favor.

  • Man up now and and don't be a douche to your gf. Break up now with your gf before you move. Respect the girl you've been with for so long. This 30 year old woman at your job - END IT. For starters you two work together. If things end badly, how maturely are you going to be able to handle things when things go South. Secondly, she has 5 kids. Are you going to be a "Daddy" figure to these kids? Because not only will you be dating her, you'll be acting as a father. Something tells me, if you're not careful you'll be the daddy to baby number 6. You making enough to take care of a wife and 5+ kids at 20? You're really a baby yourself. This sounds like a very heavy situation. Right now it's fun.. you two work together, no one knows your dating, you're cheating on your girlfriend. But reality is going to come quickly and swiftly. Fast forward a year from now, you'll probably have moved in with her because you moved to fast in this relationship..and every cent you make will be going to this woman and her 5 kids. And you'll wonder wtf did you do. The woman could be super nice, but dating her is instant family. So start thinking with your head instead of your d***. Break up with both women. At 20, you should be hanging with your friends and go out to the clubs and having fun. If you hook up with this 30 year old woman, those days will be over. Why? Because that 30 year old woman has 5 little priorities to feed. Let me also just say.. there is nothing wrong with single mothers with multiple children - more power to them. But knowing what a 20 year old knows vs. what a 30 year old knows..there is a lot of development that goes on. Do not cheat yourself out of that freedom. You have a lot of living to do before settling down. Find a girl, closer to your age with out children and have fun.

  • Thank you so much for the advice I really really appreciate you taking the time to help me because this situation is pretty thick you are appreciated!

  • You aren't what you seem!!

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