I want to watch

I want to watch my husband have s** with another woman. I have no idea how to approach it though... I have tried in the past but he was totally closed minded about it :(

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  • I don't know what's wrong with him, my wife took me with her to see her old work friends once after we had moved away. One of her friends kept staring at my c*** in my shorts which my wife noticed she gave me a smile and said I have to go and see one of the other ladies. I just leant back to show my buldge I little more knowing j was getting wetter by the minute. At this point j said sit here I need to go to the toilet. On her return her face was a little red I just smiled knowing she had slipped a finger or two in. When she sat back down her skirt was a little higher up her leg and when j noticed me looking th legs opened enough for me to see her clean b*****. I went hard just looking at her vjay, at this point my wife was coming back down the hall way, this was what I though was the end to my viewing but I was wrong she said we were all going to lunch. Well after two hours I left with j and took her to our motel room, my wife knew I was going to service this friend. It didn't take long once we got inside the room to have our clothes off and the fun begin. She had c** running out of her vjay in no time I laid j down she commented on my c@@k how big I was. I'm just on 8 inches. Well the next hour j was full of my c@@k when my wife arrived she could see my juices running out of j. The hottest time I've ever had, this was the first with j we have spent a couple of weekends just drinking champaign and s**. So if you need advice just try it. G

  • I would have loved to see that. I wouldn't want him to do it without me... I want to watch him as he does it & maybe get myself off while watching. Problem is, I don't know another female who would take part and unless hubby is blind drunk I doubt he would actually ever do it :(

  • My ex was bi and loved to see me with her friends. I am a large man in all ways, to see the look and to hear the sounds of some of these girls just turned her on. She ask me to have a 3 some where i came in after she had her GF prepared. I cam in and did her friend while she held her hand and watched her. We took turns doing each other, but her friend did not seem to enjoy the pain, as she did.

  • Oh bummer the friend didn't enjoy it as much... Sounds like it would have been a hot experience for your ex GF though! Do you think it was that, that ruined your relationship?

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