Young random girl

I drive the same route home from work every day and every day drive by i have bin seeing this girl walking down don the side of the road every day she is younger about 5 ft tall about 95 lb with sexy read hear she wakes down the road with a blue book bag she would smile and wave every day win i drove by one day she was extremely sexy she was wearing tight pants and a green shirt that didn't even cover her belly button witch was lower cut showing off most of her small breast i stop and asked her if she needs a ride she jumped right in my truck i asked her whare she was going she sead home then asked if we can do something fun first i asked what she had in mind she smiled an sead she was hungry so i took her to a nice restaurant the next day i pick he up again and we wient out again this time we made out on the way back to her house she told me she wonted me to meet her mom so i parked and wint in with her i was nervous knowing she was not 18 but i still didn't know her age i met her mom she told her mom that i was her boyfriend we talked some her mom told me she knows that i was older but she ok with us dating thin told me to keep her happy the next day i picked her up at school we wint to dinner and a movie we made out during most of the movie i took her home she kissed me and asked me if she could go home with me that night i asked if her mom would be ok with it she kissed me again and told me to what a minute she jumped out of the truck ran into her house ran back out with a nuther bag jumped back in the truck and told me her mom had packed her a overnight bag i could see her mom waving from the door i drove to my house i should her around the house win we got to my bed room she stopped open her over night bag plued out a cleen change of clothes win she didn't a new box of condoms fell out of here underwear she quickly pick it up and stuff it in her bag she asked me to leave so she could change to some more comfortable so i wint to the living room and turned on the tv about 5 minutes late she came down in black pants with lace gonna up to her bra and more lase going down to her stocking with tall hi heals she looked like a managing in a s** shop the out fit real showed of her ass but she tripped 3 time on the way she ended up fall on me she layed on me while we watch tv after it go later she started kissing me we made out some more i picked her up and careyed her up to my beed we played around some i striped her and started rubbing her p**** she got really wet fast i got on top her and was really to put it in her she asked if she could be on top i sead yes and layed down next to her she climbed on top of me and kiss me she lifed up and pushed her p**** down my 8 in d*** she stopped with the head in and slow moved up and down she tock a deep breath and took all 8 in inside she tinsed up and layed on me i Heald her tight i know she was a virgin after a minute she started slowly moving again before i know it she was riding me as hard as she could i told her i was about to c** and she started bouncing even harder i came deep in her pissy we had s** again before taking her to school i dropped her off i have been picking her up every day and going on dates with her every day and have s** every day with her she has been staying the night with me 6 day a week i have bin staying with her at her mom's house on the uther days after about 7 months of this her mom asked me if i would come to he girls 12 birthday party this weekend i was dumfounded i thought she was 15 not 11 but after the shock wore off i sead yes later that night she came over and kisses me and handed me a pregnant test i look at and see she was pregnant her mom waked in and hugged us both and sead some one is going to need a ring

Nov 19, 2019

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  • Your spelling is so awful, I can't even attempt to read your story.

    It's bad when you can't even get close enough for spell check to help.

  • Yeah. Learn to spell. Then learn to not post made up fictional garbage. Red flag for bad fiction is when the guy needs to find a way to mention how "big" his d*** is. No one who actually does kinky stuff in real life ever says that.

  • This idiot cant spell

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