My stupid brother

I was 17 when my 15 year old brother picked the lock of the bathroom while I showered. He came in grabbed my towel, walked out and told his friends if they wanted to see his sisters boobies. Threatened to yell out to my Mom and my heart sank when he said she was at the neighbors. Ended up stark naked with my hands over my p****, his friends looking at me t*** and saying "now let's see her p****" "Come out sis you can't stay there all day" I still remember stepping out in front of three 15 year old boys looking at my p**** saying "wow look at that" Walked all the way to my bedroom with those boys checking my out, patting my butt and watching me get dressed. Last thing my brother did to keep me quiet, was threaten to tell my Mom I about fingering myself in bed.

Jan 4, 2015

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