Married but attracted to younger girls

Divorce is looking imminent for me. I’ve never had sexual encounter with an underage girl however over the last 15 years my wife has kind of out it together and that’s not for her.
I love her to death but I’ve tried so many times to deny what just seems to be there.
I’ve been reading that there are quite a bit of women in my situation. Even women that have secret affairs and flings with boys.

So my question is how does one find a like minded spouse without being rejected by every woman on the planet for confessing ? Also meeting online is way to scary because that’s a great way of getting killed.

Like minded women please, I’d appreciate your thoughts



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  • Love a nice younger girl myself. Anywhere from 17 down to avout 11-12 yrs old is perfect. I get so turned on thinking about how tight and sweet their pu ssy is. SUCH A TURN ON!!!!

  • Nicer under12, so hot taking off the littl knix and seeing that lovely baldpussy waiting forcock

  • Me too if you wanna chat

  • I go more toddler to 13, goes without saying toddler no penetration but the mouth is nice and p**** tastes fantastic, by 5 the ass is ready and by the p****

  • I admit as a married man in my 50s i am attrected to underage girls.My wife is aware and has no problem with it.We would never act on it but do fantasise.Iv had little girls sat on my lap wich gives me an erection.My wife has noticed and teases me after.The girls are never aware of this.Not even on the ocasions ive ejeculated as they move around

  • Nice to put their hand on your hardon, they are curious , pull down your zipper and play with your hardon, about 3 is lovely

  • Nice, 50's also. On the same page. if you ever want to chat about the subject!

  • How many times are you going to post your email for the world to see?

    You're old, desperate, and not overly smart. WE GET IT.

  • Perfect age

  • Any before the p**** gets hair but like them very young best

  • I like having my hand in my step daughters undies as she sits on my lap

  • What age you looking at

  • Why?

  • 8-14 I suppose

  • I'm on the same page! Let's chat sometime!
    email me

  • That is the sweet spot! It's wrong yes, it's just a fantasy and makes for a great o*****!
    Hit me up if you wanna chat sometime

  • Nicer before they are old enough to tell

  • They're never too young to tell you bunch of pervs. Hope y'all end up in prison where you belong.

  • Under 3 they can't and they taste fantastic

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