The best retirement job

If you have a fetish for either panties, girls clothes, pantyhose, dirty clothes, high school girls, and c****** on their belongings, the perfect job would to work as a janitor. I know it sounds bad, but at the age of 48, with bad knees I had to leave my old job, and this was my replacements. With my wife not sexually active, this was the perfect opportunity for me. I took the job and was assigned to the bottom job, which for me is the best job. I get to spend from 5 pm to however long it takes me to clean. Its not hard a job either. The guy before me already cleaned the floor, my job is to empty all the trash from classrooms, clean bathrooms, restock them, and general cleaning throughout the school. I always take more time then needed. By the time I get there at 5, I finish my job and it takes me till about 7-8 if I'm fast. By then, everyone has left.

Now, It is time to have fun. I have like 5 routines I like to do, I change up during the week. I can either scrounge the change room for left over yoga pants, bras, panties, if I strike out, I always have the safe bet of the dance class. I would love to f*** the teacher. She is 30~ and a very fit blonde who all the guys like, and she has a class of maybe 20 and trust me, they don't disappoint with looks. Another way I get off, I have master keys to the lockers, I can open the basketball and volleyball girls lockers. If they had practice I always find sweaty sport bras, panties, towels, socks, and their uniforms. I j*** off usually 2-3 depending on if I find anything j*** worthy. But I make sure to not skip the dance teacher. She has a desk in the studio, I have her dancing outfits, these fishnet gloves, leggings, shoes, and the best is her small refrigerator. I love c****** in her cream for her coffee.

Trust me, best job for those pervs like me

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  • I work nights as a janitor in a large office building. My hours are usually from 5p.m. until midnight. That leaves me a lot of time to get my job done and not encounter many employees in the building. I have a routine and I don't have a partner, so I work alone.
    I love emptying the trash to find all kinds of things. There is this one corner office which houses a big executive woman for the company. She must be in her 60's. I have only met her once and I cant wait to get to her office. I find her lunchbag, papers, and an occasional torn pantyhose in the trash. Whenever I find her pantyhose, I cant wait to smell her wonderful foot scent. Occasionally she will leave her sexy black heels under her desk. After a few sniffs, I can tell if she has been into work that day.

  • Perve alerts!, lol good job guys. please tell more.

  • I worked as campus armed security at a majority black college. A white big guy in uniform got me a lot of offers and numbers. I had s** with many of the girls off campus to protect my job. Two twins from S Africa that belonged to a royal family there. one was called home when she told her dad she was pregnant by a white man.
    We had camreas everywhere and s** in halls on the grounds and more to stop or watch.
    I had all the s** i wanted and the numbers to have three somes and more. I dated girls of all colors there, some were active, some were virgins who just wanted a safe first time. that was interesting as well. I have some amazing stories.

  • Wow, sounds great. This is my dream job too, thought I was the only one who had this fantasy, well done on making it a reality and long may your good fortune last.

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