The word 'Addiction' doesn't exist in

The word 'Addiction' doesn't exist in my vocabulary...

...I can control whether or not I stop...

Can't I?...

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  • There are mental addiction, and physical addictions. Mental ones are about thinking you need something. Usually created by repetition and reward. Like a thrill you might get from leveling up a WOW character. There have been relationships killed by that sort of addition. Pot is in that type of addiction as well. Pot isn't addicting, its the rituals and reward of relaxation/enjoyment of your surroundings that makes you think you need to have more. Weightlifting can be like that too. Its good for you, but you get addicted to that progress. You fell you need to do more while its partially your ego thats pushing you. You like how you get a boost through self appreciation.

    Physical addiction is a totally different beast. Its a true craving where your brain is really addicted to the endorphins created by partaking in whatever you happen to be addicted to. CT scans show certain areas of the brain light up with activity after having some of whatever you are addicted to. It feeds off the quench of that thirst.

    Smoking is interesting. Its a mix of both, both enforcing the other. My Mom quit smoking 2 months ago. That 'craving' has just been replaced with something else (usually sugary items), but she still feels the need to repeat the rituals. She told me how she feels odd that she feels compelled to light up once she gets into a car and behind the wheel. She's been able to control some of the ritual by replacing it. She's been using crossword puzzles. They take up time and seem to do the trick.

    You -can- stop nearly any addiction cold turkey.There may be physical reactions to the loss of 'it'. It takes supreme will power. So if you give in just try again. There are products, or support that will help you with that will power to succeed. So yes, you can stop. Remove the temptation. Good luck.

  • lol what a noob

  • No you cannot, so go ahead and give in to that bottle, pipe or whatever. you cannot control yourself, you have a disease. . .

  • lol hey thats not cool man, I bet he worked really hard to spell profound, probably used a f***** dictionary and everything!

  • ^damn man that was one badass comeback! I take everything back about saying your brother and sister (Better known to you as mom and dad) made you!

  • so

  • Yes, you can. Addiction is not a disease, much as AA would like to tell you otherwise. Cancer is a disease, you don't want it, you don't choose it, it happens without choice. Addiction is really all in your head, but if you feel something you're doing is bad for you, just stop it, if you need support, go to your friends.

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