Hairy Italian Woman

...that I've always heard that Italian women were supposedly hairy. While I have only had a few girlfriends in my life, they were of middle European descent. I am very curious about an older to much older Italian woman who is densely hairy 'down below.'

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  • Woman in my apartment building cooked a lot of food, invited me over to help her eat it. After dinner she invited me to her room for some exercise. She was a bit on the plump side, but very hairy. Hair went down each of her legs some and up to the belly button.
    Never the less she was juicy when we had s** and loved the s**.
    In college I dated many girls that I had s** with. One black girl who had a lot of hair, a jewish girl who had the most hair. was black hair, was so thick she had to spread her lips and move the hair. if it went inside her it would scratch her and the shaft of my c***.
    Found that any hair color can be thick and long. My wife is blond and has as thick a bush as any I have been with.

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