My buddies girl

So my buddies ex gf confesses that they recently broke up. Now she knows I have a gf and I used to date her best friend. Were just chatting on couch and she notices I've got a slight h******. Without warning she just starts rubbing me through jeans asking if I am as good as her best friend says I was. I pause for a moment in surprise, but decide to call her bluff and start to unbutton and unzip my jeans. She backs away saying "oh my god" but doesn't say stop. She just watches as I begin to stroke myself to full erection biting her lip as I do. She giggles saying "I guess she wasn't lying". I take a step toward her and without encouragement she leans in to put the tip in her mouth. I know I shouldn't be but I'm turned on as h*** to think that I'm messing with my exes gf and my buddies ex gf. I let her take me all the way in and feel her caressing my b****. I reach down and lift her skirt and start teasing her through her panties. She gets so excited she cant focus on me anymore. As I start to pull them down she mumbles "I can't believe were doing this!" I take that as a cue and push her over the end of the couch. As I slide my c*** into her she just keeping moaning "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...over and over" as I grab her by the hair she starts moaning "f*** me, f*** me just f*** me!" I lean down and dribble spit down the small of her back and begin to tease her ass with my finger. I don't ask for permission and slide my c*** from her p**** and start pushing into her a***. She looks back over her shoulder in disbelief as my c*** thrusts in. I pull her hair as she starts to scream "oh f*** oh f*** over and over" I spank her bottom pink as I pound her ass. I erupt inside her and pull out as I do to let me feel me all over her back. She collapses forward as I fall back to a chair. She puts her panties back on and gives me a kiss as she walks out the door saying "You are so bad!".

Jan 11, 2015

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