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So I was messing around with this girl who is jacked for a girl but not discustingly jacked and we started to wrestle and I don't really know how it happened but I ended up on my back with her on top of me sitting on my chest and her knees on my arms so I couldn't move and she would smack me in the face if I tried to move and she would hit fairly hard so I was stuck underneath her for like 20 minutes

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  • Thaaaaaats hot that's hot

  • It could be worse. When I was 16, I got into a full blown fight with my friends 18 year old sister. I held my own at first, but she was relentless, and before long she was absolutely beating the crap out of me. When she was finally done, I was laying in the dirt, beaten, crying and utterly humiliated. Three of my friends and two of hers witnessed this, and all of them were laughing hysterically at me the entire time.

  • Sounds hot

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