Value of relationships?

Is there anyone else out there that feels that the value of being true to your relationship, having fidelity has just about disappeared. People cheat all the time. Having s** with someone other then your significant other.

This kind of bothers me. I feel like s** has become so available for everyone now that it gets old pretty fast, so you've got to move on to the next fling or relationship to get something new and exiting.

Idk, just some food for thought.

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  • When your s.o. goes cold on you then looking for validation elsewhere gets stronger. So many men report how once they got married the wife went off s**. In my case the wife has withdrawn love and affection. She will lie there and I can f*** her but there is no affection. No connection. In my view little love. So I actually don't want s** so much as a soul mate. A lover. Someone available for a quick lunch. A smile on their face. A tight hug. A passionate kiss. And yes after all that then s** would be great.

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