Exposing my micropenis to the world

I have a micropenis and have a lot of issues because of it. I am in my early 40's. Recently I found that I really enjoy showing it off anonymously online. There's a great social networking site where I post pictures and stories about it. I also show off on camera in chat rooms and Skype. It's mostly to men, some gay, some bi, some just curious. I'm not gay but I like showing it off to younger, hung guys. In the video chats some can be really cruel. Others just like to get off on seeing such a tiny d***. Some juts like to see my somewhat fat belly. I enjoy the humiliation and degredation. I've sent pics and videos to perfect strangers just so they can get their jollies and then never hear from them again. In a sense it's very freeing be able to share my deepest, darkest, most embarrassing and humiliating secret. No one who knows me in real like knows about it though they often wonder why I've been single for so long.

I've been getting really depressed again lately but showing off and partaking in online humiliation and slave roleplaying has actually helped me. But now it's becoming an obsession. I love the attention I get but really wish it was from women. At least with guys I'm doing something with my useless little micropenis and a lot of the gays guys get off on it. I get off on seeing how much larger they are than me. I love being called names and everything. I'm sure it's not psychologically healthy but at least I'm not as depressed anymore. The SPH is a defense mechanism for sure. I really just want someone to actually love and accept me for who I am but it's really hard being who I am.

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  • Sorry to hear. Be affirmed. What else can I say. Enjoy the submissiveness.

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