I Want a Thick White Girl With Big Booty

I adore those fine thick white girls with big booties and have no shame about it,just like black women. They turn me on endlessly.It has been a long while since I dated the last one. I wanna meet one and have a mixed babies(daughters) with one so that they can grow up and have big booties like their mom and make men drool, if not have wet dreams on themselves.I love me a big booty for sure!

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  • Two words: self hater.

  • Went to a black girls house for the weekend. She assured me that I did not need a condom, she had that taken care of. She showed me the implant in her arm.
    She got pregnant and had our mixed daughter. I did not want to get married but I did want to see my child. Her family begged me to allow her BF to marry her. For me to sign over my rights, allow him to father this child.
    My family talked me into this and how good it would be for all. I found out years later that my daughter had been molested for years by this guy. He got jail time and she did not know she was talking with her own father. Her mom made me promise to never tell her.
    It broke my heart to not tell her, it nearly killed me to know what she went though.

  • Please Dont! black guys n white girls dont belong together, black guys n black girls is Right, white guys n black girls is ok but racist n yes im racist i also HATE mexicans

  • You're funny

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