How to stop a married woman coming on to me

I share a good working relationship with a woman almost twice my age. We both work together in the same organization. But she claims she loves me. But I don't. Earlier she made me stay with her in a hotel and she brought condoms. We did not do it though. Now again she is in my city for a week and wants me to stay with her. But I don't really want to. I am a 23 year old virgin with only so much self control. She is married with a beautiful daughter and loving husband. But I don't know why she loves me. I am scared I might lose control with her and end up in a intimate situation. What do I do?

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  • Stay true to your morals and ethics. As a virgin you'd want your first time to be a little more special than that, plus I'm thinking you already know that sleeping with a married woman without her husbands permission is wrong.

  • If you don't f*** her someone else will. Go ahead and do it.

  • F*** her daughter and tell her

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