My girlfriend of 4 years loves to eat. I have been encouraging her to eat as much as she can, because I love fat chicks. Since we've been together, she has gained 226 pounds, and she already was 185 on a 5'6" frame. She loves the food and loves that I like her fat. Honestly, I dont care about her health. I'm just going to feed her until she is too fat for my taste, then I'll find another one to fatten up.

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  • My wife became a feedee and now she weighs 540lbs

  • Don't overdo it. You might lose her to diabetes or cardiac illness. My wife got fat at my request and got diabetes. She was forced to lose some of the weight she had gained. Luckily, only some of it. She is still fat, which I love.

  • Fatten that pig up! Gaining girlfriends are the best kind.

  • Feed that fat pig then leave her lol get her pregnant 1st and feed the kids aswell

  • That's mean well I guess you can send her my way when you leave her help a bro out you know

  • Each to their own. I starve my fiancee. I make her weigh herself every day to remind her that I am in charge.

  • If you have to keep repeating it, then it isn't true. You have never had a gf in your life

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