I just don't get it . . .

Why does Time magazine keep ignoring Miley Cyrus for Person of the Year? They didn't even put her in the final group for 2014.

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  • Someone else here said it best: she is a w****. And she projects that image to the world. Anyone who cultivates that appearance and enjoys being thought of that way is not someone who ought to be recognized as a person of the year. In addition, Miley is a serious flash in the pan, and her flash is already over. Sayonara, w****.

  • The reason is that she isn't worthy of consideration.

  • Miley Cyrus is the most beautiful and the most talented woman alive. Don't worry about whether or not Time ever gets around to recognizing that fact: eventually, Miley will own Time magazine. And the rest of the world.

  • How many times did you comment on this post? And why did you stop taking your meds?

  • The reason you "don't get it" is that you're retarded.

  • miley is person of the year no matter who time picks. and she always will be.

  • I totally agree. She is so important and so special to so many people, she's super deserving of more recognition.

  • Miley doesn't need Time magazine in order to dominate and control the entertainment industry. She's the best musician in the business, writes the best music, and is the best singer. She'll soon end up being a media mogul, and then she'll run those fools at Time out of business. Miley is the bombay!

  • A girl who makes herself appear as a w**** throughout the year isn't good enough to be named Person of the Year. And it wouldn't be so bad to me & I'm sure for others if she would lose the Justin Bieber look. Gross & annoying. Really surprised she has any fans at all for how she acts, not a good example for younger girls.

  • Have you lost your mind???

  • The only mistake she made was sticking out her tongue.

  • OMMFG! I just totally LOVE that tongue, don't you!! I could kiss her all day every day with that thing in her mouth! JESUS!!!!

  • Uh no, no I don't. God only knows what it's picked up since she hasn't stuck that thing back in her face since around 2013.

  • Probably because they are as dumb as you are. For posting this in a confession forum instead of a rant discussion. So why don't you confess how you like f******. So I can j******* to it.

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