Annoying Options

I'm tired of my parents giving me options on where to work. They acted like they wanted me to stay here and work after I take my exam. Then they seemed like they wanted me to work where my grandmother lives, now it's vice versa. They told me it's my decision, but how can I decide if they keep acting like they want me to stay here!
Her house is closest to the nursing home than the ones here are. That one is smaller and I'd feel more comfortable there, and when I come home I wouldn't feel more stressed coming home to a full house. I'm tired of it. If I wanted to work here I could look up jobs online, I don't need you giving me the paper and you acting like you want me to stay here. Let me make up my mind! I'm so stressed out on what the f*** you want I don't know what to do anymore!! I feel like I can't make up my mind with you down my neck! It's like you don't want me out of the house. It's like I'm trapped here because of what y'all want.

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