Does size really matter?

I have a boyfriend and were having s**. He can do things that i wanted him to do when we are in bed but... "His" was small and i am not really satisfied with it.. But i loved the guy. I'm 25 years old lady. What will i do? I am planning to have him for good and yet i'm not satisfied?

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  • If you've been used to larger size's you and him may have to introduce toys to your relationship.

  • If you are not satisfied, it might have something to do with your own lack of experience. Man can satisfy any normal woman with 3 inches of length. You can hit the inside G spot with your finger. Unless its smaller than your little finger, he has all he needs to satisfy you.
    My bet is this post is not a female, but some insecure guy.

  • Does he know how to use his tongue? Maybe if he can orally plesure you it will make up for his lack of p**** size.

  • You need to experience someone else to make sure that the s** with him will satisfy you for your whole life before you get married. Otherwise you will always wonder and eventually have an affair. I think trying out someone else before marriage is preferable to doing it after marriage.

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