I love for my wife to sit on my stomach while making me smell her feet. I especially enjoy the pungent smell when she wears nylons and her feet sweat. I love it so much that I even do favors for her when she does it and use it to bribe her when she wants me to do something for her. She will indulge me about two or three time a month, we have three children and often find alone time difficult. I would also love this from my mother-in-law and a couple of my wife's girl friends. I find myself thinking about it often. I hope that doesn't make me a bad guy. I have had this as long as I can remember. I just cant seem to help myself, I'm Helpless.

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  • I'm in the same boat, my wife wears those nylon shoe liners lacy frilly ones that drive a man crazy. She seems delighted to use me as her recliner and says my belly is a better seat than our sofa. She loves for me to kiss and lick on her feet and run my tongue in between her toes. I get extremely asoused both by the smell of her feet and the pressure of her sitting on my stomach. We have been married over 10 years. Did I mention that she purposely wears her nylon footies two or three days in a row just because I like the smell. She still knows how to drive me crazy. I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

  • Nothing wrong with that! I bet it makes for great s** afterwards.

  • You're not alone. When I first met the woman who is now my wife, she used to wear panty hose and heels to work. It was not uncommon for hear to wear the same panty hose repeatedly. I would make her keep her work clothes on, including her shoes, until I got home. Then I would f*** her while licking and smelling her stinky feet.

    22 years later, I now lick and smell her feet while j********** just about every night. In about an hour and a half, I will be doing so again. Enjot it while you can.

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