Not feeling guilty

Like one of the confessions below, I'm f****** a preacher's wife. He's a southern baptist preacher. (If you don't know, they're ridiculously conservative and extremely uptight). I'd just moved to the area when he and his wife came over one night to invite me to their church. We talked for a while and when he had to go outside to answer a call, I started kinda flirting with his wife. She's insanely hot, blonde hair, great t*** and a perfect ass. After a couple of minutes she started flirting back. I gave her my number before he came back in. A few days later she called and asked me to come over. I went and was surprised we were alone in their house. Her husband was at some conference or something. It didn't take long for us to kiss. Then the clothes came off and we started f****** like rabbits. I think she's turned on by the fact that I'm not christian and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. Not long ago I brought another girl home and we had a three way. She loved it. A few days after that we snuck into her church and had a threesome on the altar. That was the night she renounced her marriage and her Christian faith. Her husband has no idea.

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  • Probly worth it though

  • You're both terrible.

  • Oh shut the h*** up, she needs it from someone who isnt giving it to a lil boy

  • Both of you are going to h*** for what you've done.

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