I am a normal teenage girl, but i have

I am a normal teenage girl, but i have never had a boyfriend. I don't understand why. I'm not a b****, i'm not a s***. Im fairly small, and pretty. I'm smart. I have a couple of close guy friends, and a one who stars at my behind. Is there any advice on how to get a guy without being a s***? Any help would be nice, if not i understand. Toodles.

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  • Toodles....???Where the f*** are you from?

  • Thnak You everyone who has given me advice, except person number one- that was rude and impolite- you should be ashamed of yourself. Toodles.

  • it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. It just might take a while to get a bf.

  • Give it time. I had sorta the same problem. It gets better. Also Boyfriends can be over rated.

  • Thanks people for the advice. I think I will try to help and be nice to everyone, and for the gentlemam who is 21, if i can go and try, then you can. I'm sure you,ll meet someone. Hopefully I shall, too. Thanks again, and toodles.

  • Don't worry I'm almost 21, and I never had a girlfriend its bad at my age.

  • I agree!

  • I wish people would stop kissing my ass
    when I give good advice

  • I agree with person #2,3,4! Your doing great! Boy's just have too much respect for you because your not a s*** so they test the water by hangin' on as friends.

  • I agree completely with person #3.
    Time will bring surprises.

  • To the person who wrote the first comment---"Do you think you are too smart ass. I bet that even your mother hates you. Am i right loser"
    To the confessee: Have you ever comforted anybody? Have you ever been the reason behind someone smile without any expectation? Have you ever been , of great help to some stranger? Try these. In due course you will find everybody liking you... If you ever find somebody doing all this to you... without being asked.. he can your guy. If you find nobody is like that even then, try making lot of people happy.. you will surely find him..A good person's eyes sees everything good.

  • Don't pay attention to the creeps! I admire you for NOT being a s***. Principles and self-respect are something you should hang onto no matter what.

    I am a guy who did not have a girl friend until my senior year of high school. She was well worth the wait. We did not stay together but I am glad she was my first and I'm glad I did not compromise my principles.

  • learn to suck c***.

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