I am in love with you but you are

I am in love with you but you are married and you stay married. It has been a year now and though you say you want to leave your wife to be with me, you haven't done a thing about it. I should move on because i deserve a full-time lover, not a part-time one. It kills me that you won't pull the trigger to BE that man to give me your love 24/7. I'm not sure you ever will. And as you know, I continue to pursue others who CAN give me their full-time love, but it's not working. I should move on, but I can't. I cannot fall in love with another man because I am in love with YOU. This is torture.

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  • You just want what you can't have. Don't be a w****. Go find your own. There are plenty out there.

  • ^Yeah that is true^ Do you really want a relationship with someone who you already know is a cheater? Did you know he was married when you first got involved with him? If you did, then you are just as bad, if not worse than he is! I am sure your feelings are genuine, and I feel for you, but you did kinda deserve it. How do you think this is affecting his wife? She is a woman with feelings just like you, yet you did not think of that before you slept with her husband. I always have a bias toward the wife, as I am one, and I would never think of sleeping with another woman's husband, I am trying my best to be sensitive to you, because I understand there are plenty of factors that I do not know about, but the way I see it: You screwed someone's husband, they never leave the wife, you are a homewrecker, and now you are suffering the consequences. Sorry, but it is true!

  • not to be mean, just realistic but what make syou think if you were together, he wouldnt cheat on you with someone else if he is cheating on his wife with you? Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  • Hey marriage sux anyways. Look at it this way at least he's not in your busness 24/7 and believe me if he does end up with you, you might get tired of his full time love anyways.

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