Biggest Mistake Me and My Sister Did

At that time I was 12 and My Sis was 13.

Both were very very friendly/close to each other. And we were entering in to puberty. Our maid had a small child and she was breastfeeding @ the backyard of our home. As me and my sis were h****, we were observing the breastfeeding without anyone's knowledge. My sis explained me the breast will contains milk after delivery and we enjoyed a view. (At that time my Sis had very small growing b**** and she was not matured). My sis use to change clothes in front of me. Without anyone knowledge I use to stare at her tiny B****.

At the age of 14, she was matured and then she was not very friendly with me.

At that age I'm not aware about sexual intercourse and all.
Then hair has started growing around my P**** . I was so confused whether the girls have hairs around there private or not?

I have untied my sis bottom when she was sleeping and seen there are hairs. (At this moment I was not matured).

Then I've get matured and came to know about s**... Then I use to touch my sis bobbs in the night some time I squeeze.

Once with a courage I've dragged her top and seen her naked b**** and just sucked it for a 5 seconds.

After a few days I was just touching her b**** in night time and suddenly she wakes up and found me touching her b****. She was very angry then she went to washroom and then she went to sleep. That day was like h*** for me and I was not courage enough to face her... I was hiding myself from her. Fortunately she has not informed my mom.

Then after few days in our day to day life sipping fight she got tempered and informed my mom that I've touched her breast once while she was sleeping. And she was afraid to share this with her.

Then my mom scolded me a lot then informed me that if this continue she will inform my dad which will result in a very bad punishment.

Fortunately my sis behaved normally with me as she has hope that I won't do it again.

After a long period (Years later) in a day time I've once touched her b****. She has resisted.

After years later (After completion of my graduation) when I've left my native for job, My mom had personal discussion/Counseling with me.

She informed me that once I've done mistake by misbehaving in night during my teenage. She informed me that even if I'm out of my city I should not misbehave with any girl... Then I've confessed that me and my sis seen b**** of our maid who was breastfeeding her son... As my sis has explained and enjoyed together I had some attention to my sis so I've misbehavd with her..

I've Informed my mom that when I was unable to tolerate I use to M********* but I've resisted from harming others.

Now everything goes well.... I'm virgin... And I'll be virgin up to my marriage.

If possible can anyone help me with below...

1. Why my sister has explained about breast to me??
2. Is it normal with other teenage(early puberty) to try touching/Staring at b**** when someine is sleeping??
3. When I've informed my mom that I use to M********* to control my l***, What she have taught about me?

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  • 1. Most of the kids love to play smart to other kids, they want to be the who's above others or someone who's intelligent. That's why she explained it to you.
    2. Every teen has done something even more than that because of the overflowing male hormones at puberty. I remember smelling my aunt's undies everytime I had the chance alone in her room, jack of imagining her b****, almost to the point of asking her for s**.
    3. Your mom is fully aware that teenage boys do what you were confessing to her that time.

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