Sis in Law sleeping

My sister in law came to spend her three months summer vacations with us. She is turning 19 this month. She has not even kissed a boy yet. We have two queen mattresses side by side. She sleeps on one and the other one is shared between me, my wife. Last night I was in the middle with my wife besides me and my sis in law on the other side on adjoining matress. During night my wife was sleeping facing the other way and I took the opportunity to reach out into the comforter of my sis in law. I just moved my hand inside the comforter and touched the soft stomach. I moved my hand wherever I could on her body and luckily ended up reaching her b**** over her tshirt. I pulled it up so I could reach inside her bra. She was kinda far for me so I gently tried to pull her near me. Somehow I pulled her thrice and with such a force that I was able to pull her but she never got up. I freely pushed my hand inside her bra and played with her perky young b**** for hours. The idea that I am the first to touch these b**** was driving me nuts. I also rubbed her p**** from the top of her shorts but when tried to reach inside her panties she turned the other side. Probably she got up or probably she was awake the whole time and just got too nervous when I tried to touch her p****. I can't wait to be in the middle again some night and I would take my chances. So thrilling.

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  • Hi
    Same thing happen with my sil. Just emailed you about it.

  • I would have spread my legs and let you touch away. Wish I could have watched you touching her.

  • I wish that happens. She probably got nervous since it was the first time of she being touched in a sexual way and moreover her elder sister was on the other side of me ;-)

  • Hot lucky her, how old are you hun?

  • 33
    She will be leaving next week and I am still waiting to be lucky again. ??

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