Girlfriend is evil and I love it

My girlfriend and I are atheists and she met a girl who was the daughter of a local minister. The girl (I'll call her Crystal, not her real name though) was really hot. Big t***, firm hot ass, great body. My girlfriend decided that we should corrupt her. We started going to crystals church and became friends with her. After a few months we got her alone in our house. We got her to do a few shots with us and she and I started kissing. Then she and my gf kissed. We got her naked pretty easily. Crystal had never had a three way before or had s** with a girl. I f***** her so hard she started swearing like a sailor. She got so into it that we f***** her on top of her bible and she orgasmed while she rejected her belief in god and gave up her religion. She's an atheist like my gf and I now and the three of us f*** as often as possible. Her dad still doesn't know.

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  • Oh god so hot

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