I didn't tell my friend what I saw

I used to live in a heavily wooded area and one day a boy went missing. He was not a small child he was a 16 year old boy. He disappeared one day and an extensive search by police and volunteers failed to find him.

I was friends with his younger brother who was devastated by his brother being gone. No one had a clue what had happened.

Time went by and the months turned into a year. Nothing.

One day my Uncle and I decided to go camping in a remote area of the forest when I saw what appeared to be a turtle shell. On investigation it turned out to be a human skull. There were several other bones scattered about which had apparently been scattered by animals. I recognized a shirt as being the one the boy often wore. There was a gun nearby which was very rusted. There was also a box of shells nearby.

My Uncle and I got the H*** back home and called the police. We led them to the remains which were eventually retrieved and taken to be examined.

It was the missing boy. After careful examination it was determined that the boy had committed suicide. There was a bullet in the skull at an angle that indicated the wound was self inflicted.

MY parents told me to never tell my friend about the suicide part and I never have.

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  • I'm the original OP and my friend knew what happened shortly after the coroners report. I personally did not tell him. When I saw the remains I didn't know for sure but I had a feeling since a gun was so near the body and a hole was in the head in the temple area that he might have taken his own life. I didn't know for sure because animals had scattered the bones.

    I should have added that while my friend did eventually fine out he didn't find out from me personally.

    THis incident happened long ago in Clayton COunty Georgia which in those days had many abandoned farm areas which had grown up in forests. This actually happened when I was 11 in 1958. MY Uncle was 16.

  • The police certainly would have told the boy's family (a) that they'd found his body, and (b) the results of the investigation. The fact that they didn't makes this story appear fabricated.

  • What good will come of telling. Presumably if the kid wants to know, he will track down the coronors report.

  • You should tell him. Grow some b**** and tell him, I mean I know its hard but they should know the truth.

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