Only seeing the wheelchair

Looking for advice. I'm an attractive guy in my 30's...I also use a power wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury several years ago. I am still very active, I have had girlfriends, I've had s**...yes, everything works just fine (I'm actually pretty large, and can last a long time...that was one benefit of my injury!) I also really enjoy making sure my lady is satisfied. Now that I've been single a while, I need to get some action and can't seem to find any luck hooking up. It seems that women don't really see me as capable of having s** (I've heard "Wow, he's really hot. But too bad that he's____". I'm not looking for a new relationship, mind you, just a good old-fashioned friends with benefits situation. Any advice for a lonely dude who has a lot to give?

Feb 16, 2015

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  • When I was 15 I passed a house, there was a man of about 35 in a wheel chair, he asked me to help him into the house, which I did. He pulled the blanket off his lap and had a huge h******, hr said please just touch it. I had wanked a couple of boys off, so I began stroking his c***, he groaned and I bent over and sucked it, he filled my mouth with s****. For the next 2yrs I had s** with him once a week

  • You should kik me if you live in Texas

  • Dude, say almost just that! Get to know a girl and spark up a nice friendship, then be like hey homegirl...just so you d*** works, i love s**, i can last a long time - for real, let's get it! Sometimes people might just assume you can't have s**. Also, keep flirting! Keep feeling sexy and being sexy! Then when the opportunity comes up you've already made yourself out to be sexual so knowing everything works will be a "hey, why not?! sure!" moment for her.

  • Try an on line dating site. talk with the girl or woman and than take things from there.

  • Hookers???

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