Tonight was one of my managers last

Tonight was one of my managers last closing shifts. Myself and one of my co-workers, who was working tonight, are her favorite employees. She told us we could take whatever we wanted from the store, so we did. I took about $250 worth of stuff... not just for me, but some for family and friends too. Now i feel horrible. I shouldnt have taken it in the fiirst place, I had bad feelings then too. I knew it was wrong, but I hate working there so much I did it anyway. I want to take it back, but if I do I will get fired, and financially I cant deal with that right now. I just feel so wrong and bad. I feel like im going to burn in h*** forever now. The friends and family I have given my stuff to are happy, so that does kinda make me feel better. I just dont want to feel so bad anymore.

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  • HELLO!!! EARTH TO WHOEVER THIS IS!! She TOLD you that you could take whatever you wanted!!!!! *flashes red lights*

    I think she was pretty clear. Jesus, don't beat yourself up over a nonexistent problem and illogical guilt. -RH

  • It's okay, you did the right thing. Your manager is awsome don't jepordize his/her job because you feel guilty.

  • Do acts of random kindness to others for a while as an act of contrition if you truly feel remorse. Next time you are at a resturant pick a couple/family and tell the waitress you want their check without them knowing who is paying their tab. Smile at those who are frowning. Go visit a stranger in the hospital who might just want to talk for a while. Lastly, don;t do it again.

  • This is a simple fix. Don't loose your job just have somebody else return the stuff and say they didn't want it. Ofcourse they won't have the reciept so then they will get an exchange. Just have them walk around the store for a couple of minutes and then walk out without going back to the desk. I used this plenty of times and it's full proof. Now the merchandise it back and nobody has to be the wiser.

  • What kind of stuff are we talking about? Like jewelry, etc. or just KFC food?

    You could still MAYBE keep your job if you take the stuff back and tell them the manager told you to take it. But if you wait, forget it.

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