I'm have a sadistic, Horrible, Carless

I'm have a sadistic, Horrible, Carless, Cynical sense of humor. I'm pretty sure its the reason I don't talk to my family because they're always so shocked and appalled when I say something that I think is hilarious.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If you are in a certain profession, it is natural to have a morbid sense of humor-paramedics, doctors, police, morgue workers.
    Just go easy on your family.

  • My humor isn't carless, there are plenty of cars in my jokes.

  • lol welcome to my world! :)

    Don't worry about it. Most families aren't into the whole "dark humour" thing. Hopefully your friends are. -RH

  • I stopped caring about that a really long time ago and I now say whatever I want, whenever I want - even if it's front of my ultra-Conservative family. :) So, my advice to you is to keep it up because they'll sooner or later learn to accept it (mine is getting there) and your other unconventional ways (because you probably have quite a few, like me). If not, you can always find me and we can share our thoughts and laugh about our sick sense of humor. :D

  • I find that attractive in a man.

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