I love the idea of throwing up to

I love the idea of throwing up to become thin, yet Im too scared to try it myself incase I choke.

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  • How the f*** are you going to choke?

  • oh eeeeeew disgusting !this just makes me wannna puke.......................

  • Listen to comment number 2, MEAT ON YOUR BONES IS A GOOD THING!

  • LOL!! Scared to choke! LMAO!! (-t)

  • You can die from that! It actually can cause heart failure, body parts to rupture (esophogus). Not a pretty thing it also rots your teeth and gives you bad breath. Besides I've never met a male who admitted to be attracted to skinny girls. When I was pencil thin I got hit on less. When I got my lady lumps, the boys really liked that cusion.

  • It's easy, really. Eventually the acid will burn away the tissue and nerve endings in your throat, and you'll be able to purge like a pro.

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