Hard nights work

Back when I was 18, myself and another guy worked midnight to morning at a large warehouse.

We showed up at 11 and left at 7 in the morning. It was so boring. Everything was on line, so the most calls we got were a few a night.

He was hot and the same age as me. I would get so bored I would daydream and wondered if he was good in bed.
We had this giant warehouse to ourselves, and the office was hung from the ceiling in the corner.

The people in the day always had the ac turned low, so when I went to work I was always covers. I would wear a short skirt, but have on heaver than usual pantie hoes, to keep warm.

One day I went to work and the room was warm. The ac was set to off. Nice I thought, it will be comfortable tonight.

I was wearing a new full length wraparound dress. With in 15 minutes I realized that it was going to be hot in this dress. So knowing my coworker was going to be late, and the building was empty, I quickly took off my dress and then my bra. I got my dress on around the time I heard the stairs clanging. It was much more comfortable.

So my coworker shows up and we start talking. He looks over and sees a bra on my desk and says,”nice and lacy” then smiles.

I said with a smile “yeah if you were here 2 minutes earlier you could have seen me take it off.”

“Story of my life” he laughingly said.

We talked and around 1am the phones die off and we get no calls.

For some reason, I started feeling hot and he mentioned that it was very hot in there. He found the ac thermostat and turned it on. But by this time we were cooking.

He answered a call and wile he was doing this, I slipped my panties off, and put them in my bag.
I pulled the dress apart so my legs were exposed under my desk. It fell farther open so I was exposed up to my waist.
OHH this felt a lot better and it felt a lot sexier. He couldn't see.

We started talking again, and sometime in the conversation, he said, “Lets walk around the warehouse, this room will take forever to cool off.”
I said “OK, and pushed my self from the desk and as I was rolling out I realized, I was basically naked from the waist down. My dress was wide open. I went,”OOPS.” When stood up and it fell into place.

He smiled and said “nice legs, see girls have it easy, short skirts if its hot or a long one with nothing under it.”

We went down stairs and on the way down I commented, “you can borrow my dress if you want.”
He laughed.

As we walked around the warehouse, I was feeling good. My p**** was wet and I liked the idea of him seeing it.

We were joking about him borrowing my cloths so he could be cool in the summer, then I said, “You can take your pants off if you want, I am OK with it.”

He hesitantly said, “well, I don't know if I could handle that.”

After we got back to the office I was getting twitchy. I sat down and pulled my dress open so he could see, and slid under my desk.

That got his attention.

He said “are you sure It's OK if I cool off?'
I replied “yeah.”

He sat down and pulled his pants off and was in his boxers when he sat down. I could see he was hard.

By this time I was cooking. Hormones were taking control of my mouth. I slid my chair out and turned it towards him and said, “well let me see yours.”

He turned and looked and bushed his chair out and I said “take off the undies, mine are so you have too.”

He pulled them down and he had a nice hard c***. As he stood there I got up and leaned on my desk.
I looked at him and he walked over and we both knew what we wanted. I opened my legs and we ended up on my desk sort of. It was very awkward. I threw my dress on the chair and he slid his c*** in me and I was in heaven. I could hardly get the word out of my mouth,”I'm on birth control so, OOHH.” I didn't finish.

After a few minutes he came in me and we were both smiling and he had his arms wrapped around me.

We kissed and he started getting hard again. He said, No one is here, lest go to the mattress section.
So we ran down the stairs nude and to this big stack of mattresses. We got on the to one and wow,
we had s** for a long time. When we were done we did it again. After I said, “I needed that.” And he said “yeah me too.”

We walked back to the office holding each other and went upstairs and got dressed. The office was cooling down and we looked at the time. It was 3:30. No wonder I felt so good, we had been having s** for 2 and ½ hours.

We sat around and smiled and caressed each other, after some time other people started showing up and our shift ended.

I went out and met my mom on the way home for breakfast and shopping. I didn't get home till noon.
My clothes hit the floor and I hit the bed. Between my tight lips and my panties, I had been holding all of his c** in me. As I laid there I thought, “sleeping in a wet spot would be nice, and it started to come out.

I got up at 7pm and showered and got ready for work. It was a miniskirt day with no pantie hose and no panties. I figured I would just use a tampon, they were great for that too.

I got to work and the other shift was leaving and at 11:05 he and I were flirting.

My desk covered what I was wearing and around 11:30 I pulled up the camera program, and the parking lot was empty.

I stood up and he looked at my skirt. It was so short and when I lifted it he grinned ear to ear.

He dropped his pants and he was underwear free. I sucked his c*** for a wile and we had a quickie.

We had to answer phones till almost 1AM. As I sat at my desk I took a tampon out and put it in me so I could work without dripping all over.

After the phones died out we went to the mattress section and he had s** for an hour. He was hard all the time.

The third night was the same. As we were laying on the mattresses I asked him if he wanted to spend the weekend together. We did and had s** at least 5 time a day till Monday night.

Tuesday morning, I met my mom, and she said “wear were you this weekend? You missed the BBQ.”
I told her “I met a guy. He is hot.”
Then she laughingly said,” oh on you back all weekend?”

We both giggled and I said, “yeah we do it in the office every night, we go to the mattress section and stay there for an hour or two.”

She was, “wow and hour or two, lucky girl.”

Things change and we both found better jobs, but by this time we were living together.
I could not give up s** 3 times a day, not yet.

Jul 15, 2020

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