TWD controversy

After watching TWD(walking dead) they added a gay couple to the show and WTF can you people Please STOP RUINING TV im a straight guy and I DONT WANNA SEE THAT SH*T and other guys like me will say the same but heres another thing as straight guys we accept gay women as long as theyre good looking, we would only have a problem if they were harley riding butchy rug riders but gay guys DONT BELONG ON TWD please write them out of the show! you have your own network and daytime dramas LEAVE OUR SHOW ALONE! from now on im gonna record the show and watch it after it ends so i can fast forward past the vomit inducing queers and go ahead call me all the names you want it doesnt bother me i accept your hatred. -TrueWDFan

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  • Oh,well there are straight couples in everything. Stop shoving it down my throat! If I am not that sexual orientation you are not allowed to show it off like I do!

    That's how you all sound.
    The s** of the involved people shouldn't matter. Love is love and s** is s**. It doesn't have to please you to be right.

    why don'y homosexual couples belong on the show In that sense no couples should be allowed on the show.

  • Zombie c*** up the other zombies a******

  • Fagbies!

  • Its one thing to stay true to the source material, but it wouldve been better if they didnt act like fa*s meaning no kissing a handshake wouldve been acceptable even a hug but nothing more then that, you can be a h*** we just dont wanna see it keep it off TWD or better yet boycott the gay storyline make them omish that should make things interesting h*** even a rogue biker wouldve pumped up the crowd im not letting this go because if you give up theyll keep this going if you fight it then theyll learn to stop, if anyone has a twitter let them know about this post let the creators and directors hear your voices

  • Directors where raiding each other's ass holes with there d**** f***

  • You guys. They are staying true to the comic, Aaron and Eric are bfs and scouted for Alexandria like the show. If you are a true walking dead fan, you'd understand

  • Only true f*** understand

  • F****** stupid f*** on TVs, HIV spreading c****

  • Fagg0ts!

  • AMEN! all they do is shove the gay agenda down our throats they understand how many fans got p***** so in response theyre giving a 90 min. season finale as their apology, im Still offended by those 2 stool pushers, keep the f*** off tv #NomoreFags

  • I got nothing against gays, but I do think they need to keep them off shows I watch. I stopped watching TWD in the 2nd ssn.

  • Grow up. it's gonna happen. so just deal with it.

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