All over a smelly sock

I'm 16 and I was at a friends house and my friends brother was there with his girlfriend. My friends brother and his his girlfriend are both 21. I have a foot fetish so I was going to steal one of her socks while everyone was asleep and was also going to j****** into it. It was easy I walked into my friends brothers room where he and his girlfriend were sound asleep. I grabbed the sock and started to leave when I heard her say
"What are you doing with my sock?"
I replied
"I didn't take your sock"
Then she said
"Turn your pockets inside out and prove it then"

I knew I was f***** so I started to walk away with the sock still in my pocket and Then my friends brother grabbed me threw me on the bed and pulled my pockets inside out and grabbed the sock and he said "didn't have it huh?" Then she went to her bag grabbed like 6 socks and said "put these in you're mouth the more the merrier right" when I replied "no" he pinned me down and forced the socks into my mouth then they stripped me naked put a sock on my d*** she jackèd me off and said "now leave"

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  • You wish.

  • F*** off c***!

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