My sisters sticky sock

Once I was home alone and my sister had these really soft fleece socks. It looked good so I jacked off in one of them and blew my load inside. My mother was coming in the house so I threw it under her bed and completely forgot about it. Quite some time later when it got cold out...she was putting on the socks at the front door before going out. I almost s*** when she started to put the sock on and it was all stuck together inside. It was so dried up that she never guessed it would be c**. She got mad at me and told mom that I had put glue in her sock as a prank. I swore that I hadn't. Mom guessed that it must be detergent or something from the wash or maybe something had gotten spilled on it. :-))))))))))))))))))))

Jun 26, 2011

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  • Haha. One time I was drunk at a party with my boyfriend and we got a little...Well...We did the dirty. Anyways, afterwards, we realized we had nothing to whip the load off with, so he had to use his shirt. Being that we were intoxicated...We forgot that he had done so and he put it back on. He was walking around the party all night with a big white spot on his tee!!! He looked like a total stud!

  • ive stuck a carrot up my ass, then put it back in the fridge ( washed it of course so no smell )

  • thats great(:

  • i tried to have s** with a lobster once

  • uhm, NASTY.

    I hope that lobster pinched off your d*** :)

    ....nasty f***.

  • Owwwwswwww........

  • wow your sick

  • That's nasty... But also funny. O.o :P

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